Resources for Growth

Do you have what it takes to grow?

The answer is an easy YES! You are not an old dog who can not learn new tricks. You are made with a remarkable brain that is capable of creating new neuropathways, a body that can build new muscles and gain strength, and a heart that does not have to be hardened by life's hurts.

You can change. You can grow. You can live the life you were made for.

Together, we can uncover that transformation process, whether you're seeking emotional, relational, spiritual, or professional growth.

So what are you waiting for?

Mental Health Support

The following links are listed to provide you with additional online mental health care information and resources. We are not responsible for the content nor does this posting reflect an endorsement. Please use your best judgment and seek professional counsel with your questions.

Growth Assessments

Books & Resources

The views and opinions expressed in these books and resources are not necessarily reflective of Lisa Pulliam's views, however, as a whole are considered educational and beneficial.

What is holding you back?

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