Creating New Habits Through Carving New Pathways

While we might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, a human mind is able to be touched and transformed through new information. Yes, the good news is that our brains can change, thanks to neuroplasticity. The term, “plasticity” describes the ability of the brain’s neural pathways to be changed as opposed to the original belief that the brain reaches a point in which change is impossible.

“We are born with 100 billion neurons—brain nerve cells—which are almost all of the neurons we will ever have. The connections between neurons develop vision, hearing, language, and higher cognitive functioning.”

Natural Lifemanship Institute

Yes, we can re-map our minds to live in a new way, in spite of how previous experiences may have shaped us.

We can learn how to think differently through practicing new habits and cultivating new thought patterns to rewrite what was forged in our neuropathy earlier in life. That process occurs when we take time to regulate the body, experience the fullness of emotions, and pursue healthy connected relationships.

It is an active process remarkably facilitated through connection, which is exactly what occurs in an equine-assisted coaching session Through interacting with a horse and a coach, your brain is activated in such a way that new ways of thinking and responding are possible.

Sure, this transformational work can happen in a conversation with a friend and a session in an office or online with a coach or therapist. So why bother with an equine-assisted session? Because the breakthrough that comes from having your feet in the dirt while exploring a connection with a horse will give you feedback and insight that you simply can’t find any other way.

Your fears will be exposed.

Your insecurities will be revealed.

Your love language will show up.

Your frustration tolerance will be explored.

Your relational style will become evident.

And your way of thinking will be revitalized as you consider how to take what you learn from your sessions and put it into practice outside of the round pen.

Ready to experience your own equine-assisted coaching journey?

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